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Have we got gifts!!! Not only for those special to you but also for YOU! There is nothing quite like a hand-made pot, mug, platter, casserole, or bowl to warm up your home.

Part of our retail art gallery is set aside to always offer "functional art" for our customers. We now carry the full line of Abby Salsbury's fantastic tableware...the new fiesta ware!

Also, beautiful micaceous ware by Kim Treiber and carved platters by Sreit Kotowski.

Most of the pottery for sale is made by our Member-potters. Sales through the gallery help to support not only the artists but also the educational endeavors of the TCC!

TCC Gift Gallery

We hope to see you soon at the

Taos Ceramics Center!

Tableware Wall at TCC.jpg
Abby Salsbury at TCC
Kim Treiber/Serit Kotowski
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