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The Taos Ceramics Center Gallery is honored to present Poetics of Time and Atmosphere, a celebration of the work of one of the most respected names in Raku, Jim Romberg.

Poetics of Time and Atmosphere is a striking exhibit of atmospheric firing, containing both sculpture and wall murals, each created with the artist’s deliberate intention in an environment of smoke and fire, unlike so many others whose Raku work is simply left to chance. One’s experience in viewing Romberg’s work evokes an awe for life itself, a reflection of his deep respect for nature, creation, and the notion of time. This will not be an exhibit that one would soon forget.


Saturday, June 8th, 5:00-7:00pm


Poetics of Time and Atmosphere

An Exhibition of Contemporary Raku

Ceramics by Jim Romberg

Screen Shot 2024-05-28 at 12.28_edited.jpg

Jim Romberg has been working with Raku ceramics for over forty years. A graduate in ceramics from Claremont Graduate University and early student of Paul Soldner, Romberg is well known internationally to collectors and academics for his progressive approach to sculptural Raku ceramics. Romberg describes his work as: “The stretchings of clay around volume, around experience, to contain activities of the heart, mind, soul and body, including a sense of time, movement, and atmosphere – an abstraction intended to provoke.”



Experimenting with many ceramic processes at the beginning of his career in art, Romberg chose Raku because of its significant history in 15th century Japan, its well developed and documented aesthetics, and as a means for contemporary artistic expression.                   


Romberg’s work presents a rich interplay of sculpture and painting. He uses the technical and spiritual characteristics of Raku in a most unique way. Rather than leaving the effects to the whims of natural reduction, his process is a deliberate interruption, often described as "painting with smoke and fire" to add dimensions of color, depth and surface that is engaging on a variety levels. The practice and discipline of forming clay, applying surface treatments that reflect an unusual complexity of brushwork, and individually firing and "smoke treating" each object results in pieces that capture the beauty of nature’s interaction with the intention of the artist. Events of landscape and sky inspire the artist, along with his personal study of the human history of creation as evidenced in France’s pre-historic cave paintings.

Jim Romberg’s work is featured in numerous international private and corporate collections, including the Northern Arizona Museum of Art, The Banff Art Center, the Marer Collection of Contemporary Ceramics at Scripps College, and Sevres Museum, Paris.


Poetics of Time and Atmosphere will be on exhibit at the Taos Ceramics Center Gallery from June 8th thru July 28th. Don't miss it! 

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