Opening its doors in late July of 2020 following a year of planning and space renovation, the Taos Ceramics Center made a giant leap in the evolution of the ceramic arts in Taos and Northern New Mexico.

The staff and members of TCC are committed to elevating the presence of ceramics in this magical land of Taos where the earth's resources and local heritage are treasured, perhaps more so than anywhere else in this nation. Our vision is one of community involvement and support, an educational resource for all ages, a retail

ceramics supply store, and an interdisciplinary gallery showcasing some of the best in ceramics and the visual arts. 

The TCC plans to create a non-profit subsidiary, Creative Taos, that will encourage financial participation to help fulfill our mission as an educational studio.

Beginning in 2023, we will host resident artists and offer renowned ceramic artists, from near and far, a venue to hold workshops and classes for sharing their experience and knowledge to all those who thrive on it. We have established a scholarship program to introduce ceramics within the community and through outreach to the public and charter schools of the greater Taos community.