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Opening its doors in late July of 2020, following a year of planning and space renovation, the Taos Ceramics Center made a giant leap in the evolution of the ceramic arts in Taos and Northern New Mexico. The TCC offers classes, private lessons, and workshops, as well as the best-stocked ceramics supply store serving all of northern New Mexico and Southern Colorado. In addition, the TCC Gallery hosts regular exhibitions of fine ceramic sculpture in its 1400 square foot space and a collection of member, instructor, and friends of the gallery functional-ware.

The staff and members of TCC are committed to elevating the presence of ceramics in this magical land of Taos where the earth's resources and local heritage are treasured, perhaps more so than anywhere else in this nation. Our vision is one of community involvement and support, a primary educational resource for all ages, a retail

ceramics supply store, and an interdisciplinary gallery showcasing some of the best in ceramics and the visual arts. 

In July of 2023, we began hosting two artists-in-residence for one year, providing a two-bedroom home for living space with a private studio that sits on the one acre TCC campus. We will be welcoming our new residents on July 1. Also, on July 1, the TCC will be transitioning to a 501(c)(3) organization! As a non-profit we are now free to pursue private donation and grant application, the key to fulfilling our many future goals. Chief among them, the building of a dedicated educational facility on what is currently a vacant parcel adjacent to our existing buildings.

We'd love to show you around and to introduce you to the world of ceramics!


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