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Anna Nelson received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Ceramics at Fort Lewis College in 2008 and received her Masters of Art in Education in 2013 from Colorado College. She went on to teach high school ceramics at Liberty High School in Colorado Springs, Colorado and was chair of the art department. In the California bay area, she continued to make work and was employed by The Berkeley Potters’ Studio as a technician. She currently resides in Taos, New Mexico and teaches ceramics at Northern New Mexico College.


As an artist I am enticed by creative freedom in exploration of ceramic processes and I work to create objects that are both playful and refined. I am always trying to improve my work and grow my skill set, while also maintaining a childlike view of making and creating.

The duality of play and strong emphasis on mastery of ceramic processes propels my work. I have moments in the studio when I make decisions based on instinct, not knowing exactly what the outcome will be. My work is most successful when these explorations are matched with focused details and exceptional craftsmanship. The clay itself is my most important influencer. This medium pushes me to constantly improve my skills, assess and reassess my focus, and continually explore new ways of making and seeing.

My current body of work blends elegant form, and playful surface design. I make functional, wheel thrown pottery that is unique and intimate. From wet construction, to painting, to firing, I lovingly labor over every step of the process. The wheel allows me to create symmetrical and graceful forms. I have begun to push myself to abstract my objects. Using wheel thrown pieces as my base, I combine hand built elements to create non-functional sculptural installation. I use slips and underglazes to create a layered, painterly style. Creating a narrative through illustration and color interests me. I use limited glazes and a harmonious color palate.

In the next year, my artistic goals include developing these ideas further and creating a new line of work. I will explore more sculptural forms that will be complied into installations.  

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