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A very special TCC workshop:

June 15th & 16th

9:00am to 5:00pm

From Form to Fire; Deconstructing Raku

A 2-day workshop led by the nationally recognized ceramic artist:


Since its arrival on American shores, Western Raku has resulted in the demonstration of a vast number of approaches and techniques. The intention of this workshop is to deconstruct the Raku process with an in-depth focus on each individual element from the initial form through the glazing, firing and final reduction, the goal of which is to explore their critical relationships.

 This will be a hands-on workshop with participants forming their own pieces investigating new means of expression. Students are asked to bring 2 bisque fired pieces (preferably groggy Cone 6 or Cone 10 clay bodies) to be glazed and fired during the workshop. The Taos Ceramics Center will furnish pieces if needed.

Discussion of finished pieces at the end of the workshop is intended to stimulate further explorations.

$450 / Participant (Limited to just 10)

SOLD OUT! Waitlist Only

A bagged lunch is suggested.

To be placed on the Waitlist click here.


Jim Romberg has been working with Raku ceramics for over forty years. An MFA. graduate in ceramics from Claremont Graduate University and early student of Paul Soldner, Romberg is well known to collectors and academics for his progressive work in sculptural Raku ceramics. 


Experimenting with many ceramic processes at the beginning of his career in art, Romberg chose Raku because of its significant history in 15th century Japan, its well developed and documented aesthetics, and as a means for contemporary artistic expression.                              



Please fill out the information below to be placed on the Waitlist to be a participant in the 
Jim Romberg Workshop. 
You will be notified should an opening be created and you will receive an invoice from the TCC that MUST be paid within 48 hours to complete your registration and guarantee your place.

PLEASE NOTE: Workshops are generally non-refundable. If there is a waitlist and we can fill your cancellation, you will receive an 85% refund. If the workshop were to be cancelled, for whatever reason, you will receive a 100% refund. 

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