Vincent has focused on clay for the past dozen years. He began with Figurative Sculpture in Clay studying with the internationally known Chinese Sculptor, Jia-Jia Jun in San Pablo, California.  Then he added Ceramics, both wheel and hand-building attending the highly-regarded Richmond Art Center (RAC) in Richmond, California. Clay has been just the latest addition to a life-long dedication to crafted arts. His work includes Wood Sculpture, Acrylic painting on Wood and Stone, Bronze works, Gourd Crafts and Alabaster sculptures.

     Vincent has been a resident of Ranchos de Taos for more than three years. He considers himself to “have been a mostly California native” having lived many years in Southern California and more than two decades in the San Francisco Bay area. Married young and career-focused, craft work, making art was always his private retreat, inspiration, refuge. Form, then color, guide his efforts. Recently, he has added the philosophy of Japanese sculptor Akiko Hirai as another guidepost; seeing this craftwork as “making Second-hand”, that is, the intentional crafting of objects that are meant to be used, show wear, makers’ marks and skillful attention, well short of perfection.