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Jean Holmgren

Jean Holmgren comes to TCC from Memphis,TN and is a fairly recent import to Taos and to clay. She is a self-identified recovering graphic designer and illustrator. Her true colors reflect her past career of teaching, designing and illustration and her current love of indigenous wildlife and design which culminate in sort of Jean-infused Mimbres. Adding her considerable experience in design to clay, she is literally scratching the surface of functional ceramic forms with color fields and sgraffito.

“As an artist, I think that most of us feel the need to re-create ourselves about every ten years or so…Partly for survival and partly for the sheer joy of re-igniting our own internal fires.” Jean received her BFA from Columbus College of Art and Design (Columbus, Ohio) in Illustration and Graphic Design and earned her MFA from Memphis College of Art (Memphis, TN) in Studio Arts.

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