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Taos Ceramics Center



Now thru December 31

This time of year should always

be special, especially so after

this crazy year we've all had.

That's why we're saying

good-bye to 2020 on an

upbeat note with this

6x or 12x STUDIO PASS. It is a practical way

for you, or you and a friend, to spend some 

quality time at the TCC!

   For just $75 for the 6x pass or $135 for the 12x, you will be able to spend that many 3-hour sessions at the studio doing what you love to do and with no more than 5 others sharing the space! Hours are

limited to Tues., Thurs., and Sat. evenings 6-9, as well as select 3-hour sessions on the weekend days. INQUIRE at TCC desk or call 575-758-2580 for more info!  


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