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 Thanks to all who participated in our August Workshops! And thanks also to our amazing instructors!
Keep posted for our new workshops coming
in November and December!


Ever wanted to try your hand at the wheel? Here's your opportunity!

Spend 3 hours with one of the area's finest ceramic artists exploring the fun and challenges of throwing pottery on a wheel. Alissa will show you the basics from wedging to centering, from pulling a cylinder to forming a bowl, all the while ensuring that you have great fun! Sign up with someone you love or meet new friends!

Whether you end up with a cup, vase or abstract sculpture, everyone will have the opportunity to keep one piece. Participants will select a glaze color at the end of class which will be applied and fired for pick up at a later date. No experience is required. 

Each participant will also go home with a handmade TCC tumbler!

Choose one (or more) 3-hr Monday evening sessions. Price includes clay.

Be sure to wear something you don'tmind getting muddy!

Just $95 / Participant (Limited to eight per evening!)

REGISTER ONLINE BELOW or CALL 575.758.2580 (please leave message if no answer)

A native of southwest Florida, Alissa Mittl received her BA in Studio Art and Art History from Florida State University. She  then took an Artist in Residence at the Mendocino Art Center (Mendocino, CA) in 2018. She has received fellowships to attend workshops at both Anderson Ranch Arts Center (Snowmass Village, CO) and Penland School of Crafts (Bakersfield, NC). Alissa taught at the Taos Ceramics Center since it opened in mid-2020.


Muddy Mondays!
a/k/a  Monday Night Mudball!



Fear no glaze!

Lee Akins One-Day Workshop​

Thank you Lee for another great workshop!!!!!

Sunday, August 22 (10am-5pm)

Some Experience with Clay is Required 

Everything you ever wanted to know about glazing your work but were afraid to ask! This workshop will cover basic through advanced glaze applications. Topics will include glazing strategies, layering and resist techniques, considerations of form as relates to best glaze application, how to clean up drips, dealing with glaze mistakes, and overall troubleshooting glazes. You will learn to glaze with confidence!

The workshop includes the glaze firing of two works no larger than 5” x 5” x 5” in the fee. Please bring your own bisqueware for glazing. Participants wishing to glaze fire more pieces can do so at TCC's standard firing fees.

Participants are encouraged to bring a bag lunch to eat indoors or out at the TCC

and get to know your fellow participants.

$135 / Participant (Limited to eight!) Room for one more!

REGISTER ONLINE BELOW or CALL 575.758.2580 (please leave message if no answer)


Lee Akins received a B.F.A. from the Dayton Art Institute, Dayton, Ohio in 1975 and a M.F.A. in Ceramics in 1986 from Southern Methodist University. He has taught ceramics at the college level for more than 40 years. His work has been featured in ceramic magazines and publications, including an article in Ceramics Monthly (August/September 2006). Lee has been an instructor at the TCC since January 2021.  

Merlene Walker's One-Day PMC Workshop

All that glitters...


Going to do it again before year's end. Keep posted!

This workshop is a favorite of all who love to wear beautiful baubles and having fun!

Participants will explore the many methods of creating jewelry using Precious Metal Clay, imprinting designs, and learning to carve, fire and finish it. Working with simple tools, we will experiment with pinched, rolled and hollow forms and finishing techniques, plus fire the PMC to final pieces.

The best part... No prior experience in clay or metalworking is required!


PMC is a clay body that contains particles of pure silver, water, and a binder. The clay is hardened by firing the object in an electric kiln for a set time. The fired piece becomes a solid silver object that can be soldered, burnished, and otherwise treated similarly to manufactured metal.

PMC allows for speed and spontaneity in the creative process with only a small electric kiln or small butane or propane torch.

Participants are encouraged to bring a bag lunch to eat indoors or out at the TCC and get to know your fellow participants. All workshop materials are included.

$150 workshop + $50 materials / Participant (Limited to eight!) 


REGISTER ONLINE BELOW or CALL 575.758.2580 (please leave message if no answer)

Merlene Walker, a native Texan, completed a BFA degree in ceramics at age 56, and founded the Alchemy Group, an artist studio and workshop center in 2001. Certified by Tim McCreight, nationally known metalsmith to teach Precious Metal Clay, she designed and facilitates this workshop to help others have fun and learn about this exciting product. Merlene lives in Santa Fe, NM.

Screen Shot 2021-07-28 at 7.57.50 PM.png

Lyn Belisle's Amazing Two-Day Workshop​

Shards and Santos:
An Earthenware Assemblage Workshop

Participants were giddy with joy!!!

We'll being doing this again as well!


Throughout the Southwest, iconic figure sculptures known as Santos (saints) have protected homes for centuries, from the tiniest casa to the largest mansion. Most early santos were very simple creations, often made from such materials as clay, rags, wood, or bone. The manner in which they were placed indicates that they were cherished items of devotion.


In this workshop, we will create personal assemblages inspired by these iconic figures. In the first class, we will construct handmade textured slab-based clay components such as heads, bodies, and enhancements. We will also learn to make hand-crafted clay press molds. These components will be fired once. The next week, we will build our figure, incorporating found objects such as bones and shells and bleached twigs into the final assemblage and perhaps include cherished objects and hidden words. We will explore the limitless possibilities of cold finishes, such as metallics and beeswax, to enhance the surfaces of the unglazed earthenware. 

The first session will focus on hands-on creation of clay components for the assemblage. Components will be dried and fired between the two sessions and assembled during the following week’s class. 

Participants are encouraged to bring a bag lunch to eat indoors or out at the TCC and get to know your fellow participants. All materials other than personal objects will be provided.

$210 / Participant (SORRY, SOLD OUT!)

REGISTER ONLINE BELOW or CALL 575.758.2580 (please leave message if no answer)

Belisle headshot.jpg

Lyn Belisle is an award-winning artist, teacher, designer and writer who has earned acclaim in a range of fine arts, humanities, English, and graphic design throughout her career. She has presented this incredible  workshop for years to the delight of many, many potters. Lyn lives in San Antonio, TX and we are honored to have her present this workshop at the TCC!

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