Just prior to entering my senior year of high school in Portland, Oregon, I saw a video on the public access station of an old retired teacher throwing jugs on a wagon wheel with a cane. This is what inspired me to take my first pottery class. I went on to dive into pottery books, studying concepts of craft vs. art, and feeling deep within my heart how they really are the same. Since I fell in love back when I was 17, my appreciation for functional ceramics has remained a central tenet of my life. 

For me, holding a beautiful mug, and sipping a hot beverage from it, brings me joy in the moment. I love such a personal relationship with a vessel that was visioned by an artist, then shaped from a piece of earth, then transformed through the elemental force of fire.


One thing you may know about me is that I love vegan cooking! Jesso was a nickname I picked up in college, and I just started signing my pots that way. Then, when I created my Instagram account, that seemed like a natural handle to use. Below, see some of my posts on Instagram, where I mainly focus on my vegan cooking, as it's photographed on my pottery!


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