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Anna Bush Crews

Artist Statement

The four fundamental constituents of the world (earth, air, water, fire) plus direction and place play in my work, with time bringing in the changes. Found object works use artifacts of material culture that can hold meaning for individuals and communities in the way they carry and transfer cultural ideas in a material way, making them more tangible than other histories can do. They can also be more inclusive in that they are used, often on a daily basis, by various strata of society. I find my way in the world through observing and making my mark in the way I live and use materials. 


I was born and grew up in the artist community of Taos, New Mexico, studied art at UNM and have a Masters Degree from California State University, San Francisco. I have travelled widely and taught photography in Zambia, Botswana, England and Wales, at various educational levels, and retired from the Newport School of Art & Design, the University of Wales. My background, in photography, has helped me look at what is around me. I find the ordinary and extraordinary fascinating and try to live my life as an artwork.

     The artistic community and freedom of my childhood of making things led me in a natural way to want to make artwork. My parents were artists. I am led by the world around me, natural and human made objects and forms, to make my work, as a relation to that world around me.

Processes, materials and techniques

Ceramics, found objects, and both combined, mold making, mud work with natural materials, photography (analogue and digital, alternative and traditional, and found photographs), film and video.


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